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Advent Calendar

Create a fantastic family keepsake for Christmas with this fabulous collection of Advent Calendar pocket designs and accessory embroidery designs. Includes easy to follow instructions on how to apply the pockets. The pockets are 3x3 in size. Please note that designs 1 - 24 are the designs and have a template to apply as a pocket and design 29 is the actual pocket step (so you stitch designs 1 - 24 and then use design 29 to apply the pocket to the calendar fabric) - so if you are to purchase a single to do a single pocket you would also need to purchase design 29). The accessory designs (designs 25 to 28 and design 30) come in various sizes please refer to thread chart links for more information and can be used to decorate your calendar. EMB files are also included in the downloads for precise resizing with the Wilcom Truesizer software (a free resizing software available at the Wilcom website).