About Us

Welcome to Bunnycup Embroidery and thank you for taking the time to be interested in our site and about us.  My name is Ashlea, and I am the digitizer and owner of Bunnycup Embroidery.  Bunnycup Embroidery commenced business in approximately 2003 and has been operating online ever since.  We are a home based business that was conceived out of a curiosity for this marvellous craft of ours that then developed into a deep passion for digitizing fun and unique embroidery designs.

Ever since we discovered that embroidery designs could be digitized (remember this was in the day when both embroidery designs online and computerized embroidery software were in its early days), we have been digitizing daily and have never been able to get enough.

Bunnycup embroidery designs are a labour of love and passion and many years of experience.  Behind the scenes is my ever patient and loving husband who is an IT professional and who tirelessly helps with Bunnycup.  He often supports customers IT questions, writes the coding for the website, and takes on many behind the scene tasks and business development roles.

We are also joined by our amazingly creative illustrators.  Almost all of our work is exclusively commissioned and licensed to us by professional illustrators who themselves have many years of experience behind them and who we have been working with for many years.  This allows Bunnycup Embroidery to have unique concepts and designs that cannot be found anywhere else. 

We also have Joan and Bailey who tirelessly test stitch each and every design of ours to ensure that the designs error free and of the highest quality.  Our embroidery designs are digitized in the top leading embroidery software by myself (which I have been doing daily since 2003) to ensure you receive the best and most professional embroidery designs.

We are so glad you found us and we hope you enjoy our designs.  Thank you for taking the time to find out about us!

Why purchase from Bunnycup?

At Bunnycup, we value the quality of our embroidery designs ensuring we bring to you the best quality, tested designs so that you don’t have to worry and can be assured the designs are quality and error free.  All designs are digitized by Ashlea who has 15 years digitizing experience (as at 2018).

With tens of thousands of designs digitized, Ashlea is very experienced and an expert at digitizing our designs.  No design digitizing is outsourced to any third party to ensure quality is maintained in each and every design.  We then test every single design and edit the design if it should be required.  Images of designs are actual scans of the stitch-outs so you can see and know that the designs are of top notch quality.  We invest a great of time and energy in our quality and take pride in our designs.  We don’t take any short cuts in our processes to ensure you have a great experience with the designs you are working with.