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I am brand new to machine embroidery and downloaded some of your free sets because I really didn't know what I was doing!! The process was so easy and the designs worked well, and now with the April sale I am getting quite a collection and the gallery has given me some great ideas. - Gloria, Fort Worth, USA

Free Machine Embroidery Design & Applique Design Sets

These machine embroidery design sets are our earlier sets that we released when we first set up shop and have put into retirement as we have since changed software and developed our digitizing techniques significantly since their release. Instead of removing them for good, we have decided to offer them to as free embroidery downloads. As these are free downloads, they are provided as is and come with no support.

Our terms of use do apply to these embroidery designs and they can not be sold, traded, shared or included in any other design package, including copying with intent or sharing with friends or family.

Click on a machine embroidery design set below to view the entire set and download.

After trying our quality we are sure you will want even more embroidery designs. View our full range of embroidery designs and applique designs.

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