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The following Technical Help Series documents provide step by step solutions to our most asked questions. They are adobe PDF documents that include screenshots to help you to work through each step.

  • Appliqué Instructions - Getting started for those who are new to Appliqué.
  • Change Design Set Format - How to change the format of the design sets of an order after you have purchased
  • Using Designs With PE-Design Software - Occasionally when using PE-Design software designs may not show correctly. This guide will assist you in converting your files to work correctly with the PE-Design software.
  • Show File Types in Windows - By default Windows doesn't show the extension of files (such as .PES or .JPG) which can make it difficult to tell which file to copy to your machine. This guide shows how to change Windows settings to display the file types.
  • Downloading and Unzippping Files - A step by step guide to download and unzip the embroidery design files after purchase.
  • Downloading Free designs - How to download the free Bunnycup Embroidery design files.

To install the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader required to read these documents please visit

Download, unzip and copy design to Floppy or USB drive

Download a design on a Mac