Embroidery Design Catalogue

The Bunnycup Embroidery Design Catalogue contains a complete list of all Bunnycup design sets including pictures of all individual designs. The catalogue is a PDF document that can be viewed off line or printed out.

If you often create projects for friends, family or customers the Bunnycup Embroidery Design Catalogue provides a simple and effective way to choose from the available designs to enhance any project.

To view the catalogue you will require the Adobe PDF viewer. Get Adobe Reader

All designs listed in this catalogue are copyrighted to Bunnycup Embroidery (https://www.bunnycup.com). The majority of designs have been exclusively licensed for embroidery purposes from professional illustrators. You may not use the images in this catalogue to reproduce embroidery designs or to create products to sell. The use of Bunnycup Embroidery designs are covered in our terms of use which allow designs to be used for sale as long as it is not considered mass production.  Mass production is constituted by the use of mass production lines or where you do not stitch the designs yourself.

The images in this catalogue may be used by you to show your friends, family or customers the selection of Bunnycup Embroidery designs you can use on projects. The images in this catalogue may be used by websites for display purposes only. A link to Bunnycup Embroidery (https://www.bunnycup.com) is required in such circumstances. Please note that using these images on items for sale such as cards, stationary and other non-embroidery products is a copyright violation and illegal. We reserve the right to instigate legal action against anyone who violates our terms of use.

Note: If you are having difficulties opening the PDF file directly in your browser please try right clicking on the link and saving to your local computer and then open the file.


File File Size Paper Size Date
Bunnycup Catalog US Letter.pdf 37Mb US Letter September 2020
Bunnycup Catalog A4.pdf 37Mb A4 September 2020
Bunnycup Bargain Bin Catalog US Letter.pdf 3Mb US Letter September 2020
Bunnycup Bargain Bin Catalog A4.pdf 3Mb A4 September 2020