Alphabet Box and Play Cards Applique Project

Gift box and play cards images

Project Instructions

How to make the cards

Do the embroidery for each side, making sure you can trim to size after they are done.  Each sandwich is a front and back with the interfacing and batting inbetween.

I wanted them stiff, so I put extra stiff interfacing (Pellon) and one layer of batting in each sandwich.  I made this like small quilts – so stitched them together around the border edge, trimmed to size (these are 9” square) and then sewed binding on each one.  The easiest way to do the binding is to precut the piece and sew it in a circle.  Then I ironed it into the square shape, including the mitered corners.  I put this on top of the quilted square and pinned and stitched.  Then turned the binding to the back and hand sewed it down.

Project Image?
Project Image

How to make a basic fabric box

I had to modify this for this project because the box was so big, and those instructions are below.  But for the basic small box you make a paper pattern that is a cross with one side having 3 sections (2 sides and the bottom of the box) and the other side having 4 sections (2 sides, the bottom, and the top of the box).

You can add a 5th section to this if you want a flap that folds over one of the sides.   Put your sandwich together to be turned:  batting (fat bat works well for this), then the 2 layers of fabric right sides together.  

Sew the pieces together, leaving about a 4 to 5” section open.  Clip the batting close to the seam line, and trim seams, especially at the corners. Hand stitch up the sides of the box.

How I made the Alphabet box

Because this box was so large I made it in 2 sections – the 3 section and the 5 section (because there was the flap).  I didn’t want to turn it, so I made it like the cards – putting the sandwiches together and quilting and binding each strip.

Then I made the straps and layered them on between these two sections on the bottom, and  then sewed them up the two sides.  The box with cards is heavy, so I wanted it to be supported from the bottom.

Project Image
I stitched the two sections at the bottom, and then hand sewed the 4 sides.

When you measure the box size be sure to make it large enough to accommodate the batting thickness on the sides and bottom, especially if you are using the fat bat.    I also added a couple of inches in the length so that the cards didn’t fit too tightly, and could be paged through by little hands.  So this box is not a cube, but rectangular.

Project Image?

Our very special thanks to Kathy from California.

This project uses the following Bunnycup Embroidery design sets

Applique Alphabet
This fun and stunning applique alphabet measures approximately 3 inches in height. If you loved Kids Alpha Applique, then Applique Alphabet is a must have!
What for Alphabet
What For Alphabet is a stunning and adorable set of designs great for all sorts of projects for children. This set comes in two sizes, one for the 4x4 hoop and one for the 5x7 hoop.
My Fair Princess
My Fair Princess is the embroidery set of all little girls dreams. These Princesses are so pretty and fun for girl projects and are sure to become a favourite with your little princess.
Animal Minis
Animal Minis is a wonderful set of 20 minature animal designs. These designs are approximately 1 - 1.5 inches. Great for small places, ribbons, onsies, baby clothing, childrens hats - and lots more.
Valentines Minis
Valentines Minis is the next collection in our Minis series. These great little designs measure around 1.5 inches  and stitch out in minutes but look so great. Great for valentines or for general use all year round.