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Article Posted 05 March 2018

Marilyn Parker - Lindylou Kidsworld

Hi there, this is Marilyn Parker from Lindylou Kidsworld.

This week’s blog is a bit of a story about my pillow cases, and a “how to” for my most popular seller.

So a few years ago, while I was trying to get my eBay business off the ground, selling custom made children’s outfits and bedroom décor, I started making my grand children personalised pillowcases. I thought they looked pretty good, so listed some of them on eBay as “custom made orders”. I made & sold 1500 through eBay and another 500 through word of mouth and repeat customers (all over a 3 year period).

After three long years in my sewing cave, my quilt orders picked up enough for me to stop making the pillow cases en mass, and I stopped making them for my eBay store. I do still make them for repeat customers and as a special gift from time to time, and usually use Bunnycup embroidery designs for the children’s pillow cases.

As per collage (Figure 1) I had a good variety of styles for customers to choose from. For the fonts, I used the Bunnycup “My Girl”, “Travel Alphabet” and “Kids Alpha Appliqué”, and also hand cut appliqué for the large names using “Shrewsbury” font.

Figure 1.

The Shrewsbury font templates can be bought via the internet. I found them in sizes of 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches.

For the two examples I have made for this blog, I used the hand cut applique letters only for the name fonts. Then I have used Bunnycup embroidered characters around the names. I used “Spaced Out” embroidery designs for the Bailey pillowcase, and “Little Gymnast” for the Sienna pillowcase.

I was making the pillowcases originally, but it was hard to get good quality fabric in at least a minimum 250 thread count in a cotton/poly blend. So I purchased 250 TC pillow cases retail to use – saved me heaps of time and energy! The embellishing on each pillowcase takes approx. 3 ½ hours.

So let’s start! I press the pillow case first to get all the wrinkles out and fold the pillow case in half horizontally and then vertically - press to mark the lines and the centre. (Figure 2). Then unpick the seam along the top, so you have a nice smooth flat working area.

Figure 2.

Choose the fabric you want to use (colour and theme as per your taste or request). A 12 inch square is usually enough (however the length of the name will govern this). Iron a piece of Vlisofix (double sided webbing) on the wrong side of the fabric. Once cooled, pin the previously cut letters to the fabric (Figure 3).

Figure 3.

I use my ironing board to place the pillowcase and letters on it. You can peel the paper off the Vlisofix and place the letters along the pressed horizontal line, measuring the distance from the letters on both ends until they measure approx. the same. Once you are happy with the placement, iron them in place. (Figure 4a & 4b)

Figure 4a.
Figure 4b.

Go through your threads and find coordinating colours for the letters (or variegated or contrasting) My choice is matching. (Figure 5).

Figure 5.

Each machine has its own built in stitches for edging appliqué. There is always a blanket stitch, and other decorative versions. Select your preference and alter the stitch lengths and depths to suit. (Figure 6)

Figure 6.

Once that is done, I always repress the area. When it cools down I use a water soluble pen to mark 3 or 4 places around the name that uses the space effectively. They can be close to the letters or a little bit away. Hoop as normal - with your favourite stabiliser and threads, using the pen mark as the centre of each design. (Figures 7a & 7b).

Figure 7.
Figure 7a.

Depending on each order I get, I will also do decorative embroidery down the cuff or place a row of fabric under the stitching of the cuff, especially if there is lots of room down that end of the pillow case! Make each one unique and personalised, and have fun.

These two pillow cases have been finished as the customer requested them - with no decoration down the cuffs. (Figures 8 & 8b)

Figure 8.
Figure 8b.

Well, these are now on the new owners beds and they love them! We want to see what you make now – we want to see your Bunnycup embroidered pillowcases.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. Over the next few weeks, we will bring you an Easter outfit using the new (and oh so gorgeous) appliqué designs "Easter Train", and also the “how to” for the quilt "Here Birdy" that matches the table runner recently.

Look forward to seeing you all again. xxx

PLEASE do share what you make here at Bunnycup Embroidery or at either the new Bunnycup Embroidery Facebook Group or at Lindylou Kidsworld Facebook Page. Looking forward to seeing your version of this theme xx.

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