Super Burb Cloth

Article Posted 12 February 2018

Greta from our Facebook Group

Welcome to our latest blog post. Today we are pleased to share with you a project which Greta posted to our Facebook group.

Our Facebook group is a wonderful place to share embroidery ideas, ask questions and get great tips like this embroidery project from Greta. We're sure you will agree this is a terrific burb cloth project that is fun and easy and make and you can use just about any design from our baby embroidery sets.

Here are the simple steps:

  • Find placement for design on a pre-washed and pressed premium diaper... not the overnight ones, they are too thick. Leave room for band, you can make it any width, I prefer 3 inches so for a 4 inch design the center needs to be at least 5.25 inches up from bottom of diaper
  • Figure 1
  • Embroider design
  • lay diaper right sides together on material of choice (flannel or cotton work best) and cut material at least a quarter inch wider and at least 14 inches longer than the diaper.
  • Figure 2
    Figure 3
    Figure 4
  • Mark stitching line and sew, remember to back stitch at beginning and end. You might need to press down a little on the thick portion of the diaper
  • Figure 5
    Figure 6
  • Lay the diaper face up on a flat surface. Fold the material down along the seam line
  • Figure 7
  • Mark placement for name on band, embroider name
  • Figure 8
    Figure 9
  • Fold material up so it is right sides together with the diaper, fold just below the bottom of the diaper. Clip or pin the band area. There will be 3 layers of material at the band.
  • Figure 10
  • Fold top portion of material down
  • Figure 11
  • Place a ruler or something with a straight edge just below the fold, I leave about an eighth inch.
  • Figure 12
  • If you used a 3 inch wide ruler then fold material over the ruler so it creates another 3 inch band, material will be right sides together again
  • Trim excess at top and mark stitching line, stitch, remember to back stitch at beginning and end.
  • Figure 13
  • Fold the excess over the stitch line to create 3 layers, I run my finger between the diaper and material and then flop the whole bit over and smooth it down. The fold will extend beyond the end of the diaper a small amount, but that is OK. Better a slightly larger compartment than too small of one.
  • Figure 14
  • Pin or clip the band and flip the whole piece over so the diaper is on top. Trim the excess from the sides.
  • Figure 15
    Figure 16
  • Stitch both sides, one side needs a turn hole, I usually leave about 3 inches near the top of the diaper. Do not leave the hole on the band, go down at least an inch. Make sure you back stitch well, I usually do it a couple times on both sides of the turn hole.
  • Figure 17
    Figure 18
    Figure 19
  • Turn the diaper, making certain to push corners out well
  • Figure 20
    Figure 21
    Figure 22
  • Close with a ladder stitch or which ever way you prefer. I then wash, dry, press and fold for presentation.

We hope you find this project useful and have some new inspiration to pick up the latest embroidery designs and head for the machine.

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