Cheese Feltie

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Single Design

Cheese Feltie
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Cheese Feltie is a single design from the Burger Play Food ITH design set. Our Burger Play Food set is a fun collection of in the hoop embroidery designs. Create your own custom burger to order which is a lot of fun for little ones. This collection includes 4 sizes, one size each for the 4x4, 5x7, 6x10 and 8x8 hoops. The burger bun is a stuffie and will require a small amount of hand sewing to close the opening and the remaining designs are felties. Scroll down the bottom of the page to see the burger all assembled! EMB files are also included in the downloads for precise resizing with the Wilcom Truesizer software (a free resizing software available at the Wilcom website).
This is a single embroidery design to be used with a home embroidery machine.