Penelopes World 7

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Single Design

Penelopes World 7
All formats included
Penelopes World 7 is a single design from the Penelopes World design set. Penelope's World is a world full of whimsy and color. This fabulous set celebrates femininity to the max and is terrific value with 19 different designs. All designs come in the 4x4 size and designs 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 also come in a 5x7 size. The house in the 4x4 format does not include the smoke. PCS and SEW users, please note that as your machine does not support a 5x7 hoop, PES has been provided instead for the 5x7 hoop.
This is a single embroidery design to be used with a home embroidery machine.