Birth Announcements

Article Posted 20 January 2020

Ashlea Stoodley - Bunnycup Embroidery

Our birth announcements have been very popular since their release and have been selling like crazy. We get asked some common questions about the designs which we hope to address here and show you a few of the designs in use!

Our birth announcements are available both as machine embroidery designs at and SVG cut files at

We are often asked what fonts are used in the designs which we will list below. We do actually recommend mixing up fonts and not necessarily using the same fonts for added charm - you will often see we mix up different fonts in designs and it does add additional design interest. We do not sell all the fonts used and some may not be available for use as embroidery designs due to font licensing restrictions. Some font foundries will not allow an individual letter to be sold or be the focus of the end product for sale (where is is okay to create words or sayings out of the font because the individual letter is not the sole focus of the end product but the individual letter may not be sold under some font foundries licenses). So it is not always possible to create an embroidery font from the fonts used for this reason.

Fonts used:


We have also been frequently asked how they should look when completed, for example, where to place the name, the date etc.

Here is a guide as to how the designs were envisioned when completed with name and birth details:

How Do I Add Details?

How you add the birth details will depend on the resources you have. Some embroidery machines will allow you to edit the design directly in the machine and add letting on the screen. However, if your machine does not allow you to do this, you will most likely require an embroidery software to customize the design.

If you do not have a customizing software, we recommend Embrilliance . Embrilliance is a unique product in that you can use BX fonts (a format unique and only usable by the Embrilliance software) which can be dragged and dropped into the program and then you can use the keyboard to type in your name or words. This can be done to an existing design such as the birth templates or you can create your own words on their own that are not incorporated into an existing design. If you use other embroidery software you would need to open each letter individually and place it as required into the design, letter by letter. So Embrilliance's unique functionality is a huge time saver and makes the process of adding or customizing designs a breeze. Most new fonts offered by digitizers (including Bunnycup) will have BX format available. Not all of Bunnycup fonts are available in BX format though and this is because we have been in business since 2004 and Embrilliance started up quite some years later - so we do have some fonts that we created before the inception of Embrilliance and the BX format that do not have BX available (if BX format is included it will be stated in the font description, if no mention of BX is made, then it will not be available for that particular embroidery font). Both the Smoothie Shoppe and Beneath Your Beautiful embroidery fonts include BX files. If you purchase a font with BX available at Bunnycup, just choose your regular embroidery machine format before adding to the cart and the BX files will automatically be included in your download.

Just a side note, Embrilliance is able to be purchased and downloaded online (no dongle required) and is a very afforable embroidery software.  They also have a free version that can be used with BX installed fonts called Express and they also have a non-saving Demo version of the Essentials program so you can test it out before purchasing. 

If are using the Birth Announcements SVG cut files you will need to have a suitable graphics program to add text though there are online sites where you can add text to a JPG file as well if you do not have a graphics program. Text can also be added with your Silhouette or Cricut software (Silhouette Studio or Design Space).

Customer Projects:

Now all your questions have been answered, it's time for some show and tell - here are a few creations some of our talented customers have made with the birth announcement designs!

Kathy added square to one of her amazing quilts. We love this!

Trudy made one for a frame for this adventure and camping loving family. So sweet!

Lisa made a darling cushion with the Forest Birth Announcement.

We hope this blog answers any lingering questions you may have had about the birth announcement embroidery designs and inspires you in the many ways you can use them!