How to stop buying the same set twice

Article Posted 04 November 2017

Ashlea Stoodley - Bunnycup Embroidery

With so many amazing machine embroidery design sets it can be easy to lose track of which ones you have bought.

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing that beautiful new embroidery design and downloading to store in your collection only to find that you already have it!

We have made it even easier to see what you have purchased already when browsing our embroidery design sets by tagging them to let you know you already have it. You can even download the embroidery design set directly from the design view.

To highlight embroidery design sets you have already purchased you must first be logged in. You can do this by going to the Club Bunnycup Menu or clicking the Sign In link in the page header

Club Bunnycup Login

Be sure to sign in with the same email address that you have used when purchasing designs or use the Consolidate Email function in Club Bunnycup to put orders from multiple email addresses into one account.

Then when you browse sets any that you have purchased already will be highlighted at the top left of the design with the "I have it" badge. If you want to download the design you can click on the Blue Cloud with Arrow download icon to go straight to the order download page.

Member Set

It's as easy as that so you should never have to worry about duplicate purchases again!

If you have any questions or thoughts to make your experience better do not hesitate to let us know!