May 2019 Social Media Spotlight

Article Posted 27 May 2019

Ashlea Stoodley - Bunnycup Embroidery

We love scouting social media and finding many of the wonderful creations you share which inspire so many others. It’s been awhile since we have posted a social media spotlight, so it’s time to share some of those great pictures we have recently spotted. But be sure to join our facebook group where many ladies are posting up inspiring pictures of our designs (and it is also a great place to chat with other customers and ask questions). We can’t post every picture we see on our blog (I wish we could but it will a mammoth post), but you will find many of them on our facebook group and also check our gallery for even more inspiration.

Unicorns Embroidery Designs

Unicorns have been incredibly popular over the last few years and our customers have been loving our unicorn embroidery designs and unicorn applique designs.

#akishugei on Instagram is enamored with our Be A Uncorn applique designs and they frequently appear in her adorable creations.

Who wouldn't want to be a unicorn with this cute onsie!

The Be A Unicorn set includes a variety of adorable designs including a unicorn topper embroidery design, a unicorn cake embroidery design, unicorn head applique design, rainbow unicorn applique designs, unicorn doughnut applique design, a unicorn face mask in-the-hoop project, and unicorn word art and so much more. It is great value with 15 designs in multiple sizes.

Mamala Boutique is a fan or our Magical Unicorns embroidery designs. These also come in an applique version.

This adorable embroidery cushion and towel would be the pride of any little girl.

Bear Embroidery Designs

#valeri.z08 on Instagram shared this stunning embroidered coffee pot holder featuring an embroidery design from our Daisy Bears set.

I absolutely adore her use of color which really makes this pop. And I don't know why, but the Daisy Bears always warm my heart!

Embroidered Quilts

Many of our customers are incredibly talented at making quilts. And we just can't get enough of seeing their amazing talent!

Kathy is a long term customer of Bunnycup and I have always been in awe of her creative talent. See one of quilts inspires me no end.

This is particular quilt she has used elephant embroidery designs from our Little Jumbo set.

Karla really showed great creativity too with her use of color and piecing with this eye catching quilt using our Forest Animals applique designs. This set is also available in a filled stitch version.

Donna made this bright and adorable quilt using dinosaur embroidery designs from our Dino-Rawhs set.

Camping Embroidery Designs

Camping embroidery designs are always popular, especially as Summer approaches. Trinity Creations on Instagram has been getting in the mood with this fabulous towel using a camper embroidery design and convertible embroidery design from our Move It set. Also available as applique designs.

Birth Announcements

Fran made this absolutely adorable birth announcement using an embroidery design from our Floppy Dog set. Fran is a frequent contributor at our facebook page and has an amazing talent for color and fabric selection. Keep your eyes posted out for customizable birth announcement embroidery designs soon at Bunnycup - we have a great set of artwork to get moving on based on popular request!

If you want to inspire our other customers and share your creations why not join our facebook group now. Or if you prefer Instagram be sure to tag #bunnycupembroidery so we can see your projects!