Meet Marilyn Parker

Article Posted 19 September 2017

Marilyn Parker - Lindylou Kidsworld

Hello There,

I am Marilyn Parker, the person behind Lindylou Kidsworld

I have been associated with Bunnycup Embroidery pretty much ever since Ashlea started her little digitising machine embroidery business. I used to eagerly watch out for any new designs, and scoop them up. In those fledgling days, the more you bought the more you could on one CD and save on postage and handling! It has been fun to watch Bunnycup over the years, to see it blossom into what it is today. Their designs are fun, colourful and nicely quirky! With their colourfill embroidery, redwork, applique and sentiment designs, there is enough versatility to make you keep coming back, and YES I am hooked!

So, a little bit about me:-

My background is dressmaking, I had a wonderful time for many years making wedding dresses and the whole wedding party outfits. Yummy fabrics and gorgeous brides. Then started my own range of children’s wear (there was no online in those days). I sold my party plan including to schools for fund raiser events etc. I did lots of hand embroidery, including smocking.

Then machine embroidery was invented! Wow, what a wonderful world! I started an eBay store and made and sold children’s clothes, personalised pillow cases, bags, and quilts. Bunnycup Embroidery designs were perfect to use on my embellished wares. Here are some examples of my work using the Bunnycup designs.

Lindy Lou Kidsworld Pillowcases

For 3 ½ years I made custom pillow cases – over 1500 in total. Most of them were decorated with hand cut letters of each name that were appliqued on the pillow case, then embellished with whatever the customer’s theme was. I would steer customers to the Bunnycup website so they could choose whatever designs they wanted. They were a hit. ? My now extensive library of Bunnycup designs can attest to that.


Over time, I have developed a small following of people who love my work, and are repeat customers. Also now with my Facebook pages, I am continually being discovered by new enthusiastic customers too. 

Lindy Lou Kidsworld Bags and Cushions

I also manage a Facebook page that promotes and runs monthly online markets that “showcase” hand made items made by other owners of small online businesses. These are lots of fun, and help get the word out there re the “world of hand made”. We choose a different theme each month, and a group of us get together and produce themed items for sale. This has increased customer awareness and increased the reach for my business. Bunnycup is with us all the way! With Ashlea’s imagination and artistic abilities, she comes with new & fresh ideas all the time.

Lindy Lou Kidsworld Quilts

I love seeing the emails that come from Bunnycup Embroidery – newsletters with monthly specials, new designs, gallery of new creations from customers, and lots of energy. I often get inspired when the new designs come out, and I have either had my eye on some yummy fabrics (or make an excuse to source some more) so that I can match up fabrics that will go with the new designs. I have 2 designs right now that I am hanging to use - I have just found fabric for both that is adorable.

So in future blogs, I will be sharing my enthusiasm for the designs and how I do what I do. I will be stepping you through each project, and giving you ideas (and maybe sharing yours too!). I make a quilt every 3 to 4 weeks – mostly large cot sizes. I also embellish clothing, bags, cushion covers, and soft toys.

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Until next time,
Marilyn Parker.