Unicorn Baby and Little Girl Outfit

Article Posted 11 June 2018

Marilyn Parker - Lindylou Kidsworld

Hi there, this is Marilyn from Lindylou Kidsworld.

Have you seen the newest designs from Bunnycup yet?? You must check them out! All of my granddaughters are swooning, and of course are absolutely in love! Unicorns are definitely the flavour of the month.

So I am incorporating two cute little outfits made using the new Be a Unicorn designs, with a brief “how to” for embroidering on knit fabrics- particularly store bought baby singlets/vests and little girl’s teeshirts.

There are lots of fabulous techniques out there, and some really clever people, who have their techniques down to a fine science. This “how to” is the way I tackle the challenge.

I have found some singlets have side seams….which makes the task of embroidering on small surfaces much easier, as a side seam can be opened up. (figure 1) I also mark the vertical centre of the article so that I have something to line up with the centre markings of the hoop centre.

The stabiliser I use is a medium weight interfacing. The singlet fabric is stretched ever so slightly so that the sides fit in the hoop (figure 2).

Figure 3 shows the embroidery underway, with 4a & 4b show the work still in the hoop, but all done. Very cute.

I then pin the side seam that I previously unpicked, and resew it with my trusted overlocker (serger). My overlocker is my best friend for stretchy fabrics :-).

I used a pdf pattern for the nappy cover. There are lots online for you to use. Figures 5 a and b show the embroidery for that set all done.

For the embroidery on the teeshirt, I used the same steps as I did for the singlet, unpicking the side seam first. You may be tempted to do it all with the seams intact, but this can be fraught with danger! I have learned from experience that there are lots of ways to destroy a perfectly good teeshirt be trying to be too clever!

The twirly skirt measurements, cutting and construction is discussed in my blog for the Easter Train Skirt and Singlet. Please refer to that, and make a pretty twirly rainbow skirt to match your unicorn teeshirt. Figure 8 and 9 show the skirt set all done.

To finish off the back of the embroidery (great for all work that is going to touch little peoples’ skin), use an iron on mesh product that covers all the scratchy bits and the edges of the stabiliser used.

Two cute fun little outfits, showcasing the brand new “Be a Unicorn” designs, and “how to” embroider on knit fabrics, using the iron on mesh backing. Pics 11a & 11b shows the teeshirt and skirt finished, and pics 12a & 12b show the front & back of the finished singlet & nappy cover set.

Can’t wait to see what you make with these designs- and go on, have a go with a knit fabric top!

Thank you. Marilyn Lindylou Kidsworld.