What are EMB Files

Article Posted 25 August 2019

Ashlea Stoodley - Bunnycup Embroidery

What is an EMB File and Why Is It Included In My Download?

Today, I would just like to explain what EMB files are and why we include them in our downloads. Let me start with the information that we digitize in the Wilcom Professional Digitizing Suite. The Wilcom digitizing software is the leading professional digitizing software used by professionals.

When a design is digitized, it produces an output file which is an EMB file. The output file differs from the stitch or format file that is used by an embroidery machine. The output file holds all the precise settings for stitch type, density etc and from this file stitch files such as PES are then exported.

The stitch file which is exported and used by branded embroidery machines is a representation of the object file, however, does not hold all the settings. So if you are to resize a stitch file in an independent embroidery program, the resizing performance can be variable because the mathematical formulas held in the object file are not transferred to the stitch file. When it resizes it will not necessarily adjust settings such as stitch density and this is why it is often said to not resize more than 10%. If you resize with the object file, the mathematical basis behind the design is stored in the object file and when it is resized it will adjust precisely for the settings such as density.

Wilcom offers a free program called Wilcom Truesizer to the public so that customers of digitizers using the Wilcom digitizing suite can resize EMB files to their needs (there is also a paid version but the free one allows customers to resize the files and is all that you need). The Truesizer program allows you to open and view a file, resize an emb file to your needs, has a thumbnailer so you can see your files in explorer, and allows you to some very basic editing such as rotate and mirror the design and to export your resized design in major stitch file formats (eg PES). Resizing in the Truesizer program will allow you to have better results with resizing and allow you to resize to a greater degree more reliably than if done in an independent embroidery software. The resize in theory should be the same as if the digitizer did it for you themselves.

If you have Wilcom Hatch, you can also use EMB Files with Hatch. Hatch is paid Wilcom product for home embroiders and is a customising and editing program priced just right for the hobbyist. It is a modular program that you can build up but you can also do home digitizing with the Hatch full package.

To download the free Wilcom Truesizer program, you can do so at https://www.wilcom.com/en-us/products/truesizerproducts.aspx.

Wilcom also have some great instructional videos on how to use Truesizer for resizing at https://www.wilcom.com/GetHelp/VideoGallery/VideoPlayer/TabId/1251/VideoId/142/language/en-US/Design-Resizing.aspx. This video is specifically done with the paid version, but it should the same for the free version. You can find a handful of other videos on Truesizer at https://www.wilcom.com/en-us/gethelp/support/trainingvideos.aspx and just choose Truesizer as the category.

I hope this helps explain why EMB files are included and what a great benefit they are to you as the customer.