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We have so many lovely customers from all over the World at Bunnycup Embroidery and we love to hear from you. Here is what some of our customers are saying. Why not leave us your comment too?

If is great doing business with someone who understands their customers! I have told my other friends about you and I hope they buy from you soon too!
Linda - , USA
I would just like to say I have just bought a diva design from you and I am overwhelmed with the the result that I got with the stitch out. your designs are just beautiful and I shall be purchasing more and telling my sewing companions.
Caroline - , Australia
I placed my first order with you this evening, and wasn't sure what to expect as I have had varying experiences with online purchases... I am so pleased! Everything downloaded properly, and I am stitching out the "Ballet Cuties" right now.
Dawn - Tuscola, USA
Honestly, I have had so much fun today stitching these onto muslin to make a quilt for my 7 mo old grandson. I love them and I intend to keep an eye out on your other stuff... You do great work and should be very proud of yourself.
Susan - , USA
Thanks so much for the Whimsical Humans set. I very much appreciate the wonderful customer service as well as the terrific digitizing and the quality of the designs. No wonder I own so many of your sets!
Susan - , USA
I just wanted to make a comment on your products. I LOVE them! The designs are so nice, they stitch out beautifully, and it is easy to download the sets I purchase. Everything is very user friendly. I look forward to all your new products. Keep up the OUTSTANDING work!
Candy - , USA
Wow! Your designs are awesome. I stitched a couple out and they turned out so beautifully. Thank you so much for all your great work.
Kelly - , USA
I found you by accident while searching Google for embroidery designs, and I'm so glad I did. You have the cutests designs I've seen in quite a while. And your prices are very reasonable. I'll be back.
Cathy - Colorado, USA
I just have to tell you that your designs are just gorgeous! I had discovered your site just the other day and signed up for your newsletter at that time. I was showing my daughter some of the designs that I bought this morning. And then we went to the website to see the gallery. Well, this led to more choices that I had overlooked! Children can be so helpful!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
Kim - , USA
I stitched out two of the pretty pony designs yesterday--they're WONDERFUL!!!! Definitely some of the best-stitching designs I've used in a while!! I'm soooooooo pleased with them, and look forward to not only using the rest of the designs I've purchased, but to also purchasing more in the future! My little girl is 4 and LOVES horses...she was thrilled with the pony designs! Thanks again!
Paula - , USA
I had been looking for the perfect design to put on my daughter's bib for her first birthday party. As soon as I saw the e-mail annoucing your newest set, I knew that the beautiful ONE that is a part of your funky numbers set would be just right. I can't wait to make it for her, and I suppose I'll be using all those other numbers for her future birthday parties. Thank you so much for always having such adorable designs available.
Bonnie - , USA
just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your designs. I wish I had the money to purchase all of them at one time. I'm trying to start a home based business making infant quilts and these designs are just perfect for my projects and your prices along with the specials and discounts you offer fit my budget.
Peggy - Pensacola, USA
Hi Ashlea...just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your designs & my customers LOVE them...finally got them posted & have already had several orders. Thanks again!
Susan - , USA
I am a new customer I found you web site quite by accident but am so very glad that I did. I embroider for a very large outdoor store here by the name of Cabela's. So when I have free time I make baby quilts that I embroidery 9 squares and make fabric squares for the others. These I take to craft shows and sell. Because of the above I have finally been able to sew some of your designs that I purchased. I just had to write you and let you know how happy I am. The quality of you designs is fantastic. I have purchased other designs that haven't had the quality of yours. I will be looking forward to purchase more in the future.
Karen - , USA
I buy your designs for my twin Granddaughter's clothing. You are the best at digitizing. I embroidered their clothes since they were born and bought many a design, but by far you are the best. Just had to tell you. This year was very important, they are going to pre-school and definitely had to look their best and with your designs, they will be stars. Just wanted you to know that your designs are just great and as soon as I finish all their shirts, I will send pictures of how they look. You must tell buyers that the designs are perfect, lay flat even after washing and drying and strangers always comment on their clothing. Thank you again for selling your designs.
Jo-Ann - , USA
Recieved my CD that I purchased from you with the Sweet Inspirations Applique patterns. Absolutely delighted with the beautiful patterns and the lovely presentation of the CD. I look forward to sewing the patterns and will definitely shop with you again. thankyou again.
Margaret - , United Kingdom
Thank you, your designs were introduced to us at an Embroidery club last night. I tasked the ladies to each find a different site for embroidery applique and yours got one of the top votes on simplicity, cute, and excellent instructions. I am sure you will see more of us. Again thank you for a great website.
Mary - , USA
I just came upon your web site and can't wait to get home to order your designs. They're just what I've been looking for! I'm really excited.
Charlotte - Philadelphia, USA
Just a short message to let you know I have just stitched the whimsical alphabet on a small gift for an 81 year old friend of mine and it is really beautiful , Thank you for your beautiful designs .
Pam - , Australia
Thank you again for your beautiful designs as well as the catalog I can show my customers! I have researched high and low for cute designs that stitch out well. You guys really do a lot of the work for me by providing such great designs at reasonable prices! I really appreciate doing business with you!
Seana - , USA
Oh my goodness. I am praising Bunnycup right now. I have a home show this next Thursday and was wondering how in the world I was going to explain all the numerous cute designs I have to embroider. THANK YOU for doing your catalog. My life just got simplified a little.
Kristen - Florida, USA
I just wanted to tell you thanks for the offers you have given to those of us that order designs from you. I love the style of your designs and really enjoy the using them. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
Barbara - , USA
I just stitched out the first deisgn from this collection. And it stitched out just beautifully. Since it is the first designs I have bought from you, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am.
Gloria - , USA
Just wanted to write and tell you how VERY MUCH I love your designs. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to creating quality designs.
Cathie - Alabama , USA
Thank you for your prompt reply and I must take this chance to tell you how brilliant your collections are! Haven't seen anything as cute or whimsical before...keep them coming!
Vicki - Bendigo, Australia
I just purchased your new applique set Little Stitches in Christmas. I can hardly wait to stitch out the designs - they are just darling! Thank you for your great designs.
Mary Anne - Germantown, USA
I have embroidered out several Sweet Inspiration Designs, they are absolutely lovely.
Margaret - , United Kingdom
Just wanted to add my two bobsworth and tell you what a GREAT site you have set up. It is attractive, beautiful designs (infact some of the best I have seen) reasonable - nay... cheap! Fantastic quality and it is Australian!! You should be very proud.
Carol - , Australia
Thank you so much for the designs. I was just sewing some of your Thanksgiving designs today - the acorn and the turkey. They sewed out really well, and your instructions are very good.
Becky - , USA
Wow!!!! I have found the most amazing website for baby embroidery designs!!! Thank you sooo much!! I will be waiting for them anxiously! I have downloaded them already.
Yesenia - , USA
I am very picky (and so our my customers) about the artwork I use in my embroidery pieces. There are few sites out there with high quality of design and you are definitely one of them. I love your work. Thanks so much.
Sherry - , USA
Your designs are just great and the little stitchies and sweet inspirations are some of my new favorites. I do not think I have a had bad stitch out in my years of using your designs and I am constantly recommending your site, especially to new embroiderers, because I know they will get good results.
Kristi - , USA
I just thought I would let you know how much I enjoy your work! I've ordered embroidery designs from many different companies and your's still beats everyone!! They are so cute and turn out so clear. I just thought I would let you know how pleased I am with your embroidery designs!!
Shelly - , USA
I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely *love* the Dragons Set I bought a few days ago. They are wonderfully digitized and so much fun to stitch.
Yasmin - , Germany
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your designs. My 9 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and Celiac's disease so I have not been able to do too much sewing lately, but I just wanted you to know your designs and your newsletter really have helped to cheer me up when I've gotten a little down. I look forward to getting started again with your designs. In my opinion they are the most adorable that I have found so far.
MaryPat - , USA
Hi - I am steadily collecting all your designs. I LOVE them all. Well I just stumbled across your catalog, what a great feature! It is really nice to have a reference list like this! I just wish some other digitizers would follow your lead and do the same! Thank you for making wonderful designs and for offering such a great catalog of your designs!!
Debbie - , USA
I downloaded the designs and started with the sweet inspirations. I must compliment you on the quality of your designs, I have not in a long time enjoyed designs as much as I have these. It is really good to know that I can buy from your site, knowing that the quality is good and that I won't be wasting my money!
Leatitia - , USA
Ashlea, I just got your newsletter with your new Gingerbread designs, they are adorable.I never really cared for gingerbread designs but these are a must have. I hope to be able to get them soon.
Wanda - , USA
I purchased your Swirly Cookbook designs quite a while back. I have had the greatest reactions when I have used them on towels, etc... as gifts for my friends. I also have your Kids Minis and Kids Minis Too and your Jungle Safari (which made LOTS of pillows for my grandson's jungle bedroom). I was just looking at your site again after receiving your email. Just wanted to let you know how much I love using your designs and also how much they get awesome reactions when they are used on gifts ! We're having our first grand DAUGHTER in February. I'm sure she'll be covered in Bunnycup designs.
Debi - Houston, USA
Hi! I bought your designs a long time ago, last December, as a matter of fact. Well, I went to stitch one out today, and I was just blown away by the quality. I have to say that you did such a great job digitizing the design. You can be sure I will be using more of your designs!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work you put into your designs. It really shows.
Leah - , USA
I stitched out two of your designs onto burp cloths, one from Quirky Animals, and the other from a Christmas Pack, and they were the HIT of the embroidery club. Everyone was asking me where I got the adorable designs.
Karen - , USA
Ashlea, I just embroidered two sweatshirts for my two youngest Grandaughters and they loved them. Your designs stitch out so perfectly and I love whimsy. The colors are perfect too. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Nianne - , USA
What superb service!! Thankyou!! Those are the most detailed instructional designs i have ever bought, and the instructions/colour charts etc. are sooooooooo helpfull. I have never bought anything so fabulous, and i will be sure to have great fun working with your lovely designs. I will definately be back for more of your fab sets now i know they come with so much information. Thanks for all your help, and see you again real soon.
Hello Ashlea!! I just received your design CD in the mail the other day and I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your product. I love all the designs and the CD cover is cute. I will put you on my favorites list. Keep up the Good Work!!!
Lori - , USA
Just wanted to thank you for the free design samples. I love your designs and am so glad that you share your talent with the rest of us.
Diane - , USA
I just had to wirte you this little note to say, I love the designs I bought from you. They stitched out perfectly. I will recommend your embroidery designs to my ebay design group. Thank you again for providing such a wonderful service.
Caroline - , USA
I just have to tell you how much I have enjoyed using the Pretty Ponies and Pony club designs on things for the grand kids and riding students. I can say that your stuff always sews up so nice and I don't test stitch them because I am confident in your work!
Jeanne - , USA
It is a pleasure to embroider on any machine. Thanks.
Jeanette - Mackay, Australia
I just love all of your designs. Thank you for helping me learn to use your alphabets.
Sandy - Austin, USA
I love your designs!!! And plan to mention your website to the ladies in my embroidery group!! Carolyn
Carolyn - Murrieta, CA, USA