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We have so many lovely customers from all over the World at Bunnycup Embroidery and we love to hear from you. Here is what some of our customers are saying. Why not leave us your comment too?

The availability of beautiful designs is wonderful, I enjoy sewing the designs. These designs are for the young at heart and others. Thanks, again for sharing the tips,and retired sets and the info you provide.
Bettyann - Jesup,Ga, USA
Thank you very much - I enjoyed this site. Really cute designs.
Beatrice - Winnemucca , usa
This is a wonderful site! It's one of my favorites! These designs are excellent to stitch out! A+ Thank you for all the hard work and cute designs!
Amanda - Columbia, USA
I love your designs and appliques. I'm working on a Applique Quilt. Keep up the good work on the applique designs.
Janna - Maroine Ohio, USA
Ashlea, Just wanted to thank you for all the cute free retired sets. Most digitizers don't do this, you are very generous. I started purchasing your designs in 2007 when I bought my first embroidery machine. Your designs are some of the best and I've used them numerous times on bibs, burp cloths, etc. for my granddaughter and as gifts. Keep up the great work!!
Barbara - Chamblee, GA, USA
I just purchased the Wild Styx set to add to my collection of designs. I love your designs - they are so cute and always stitch out well.
Amanda - Republic, USA
I love these designs better than any I have found yet. They are perfect for the towels, blankets nad burp pads I make for babies. Thanks so much.
Thanks. Yours designs are amazing!
Lucy - Catano, Puerto Rico
I love your designs (Bright Bugs is one of my favourites). The prices are very reasonable. I also enjoy looking at the gallery at what other people are doing with the designs and getting some ideas.
I love your site. Your designs are so cute and stitch out easy and look so good. You are so kind to share so many wonderful retired sets and because of this it has made me want to purchase some of them. I love coming to your site and spending time looking around. It is labelled as a favourite.
Vicky - Lawrenceville,Georgia, USA
Too Cute! I am so glad that I found your site. I downloaded the freebies and couldn't resist buying a few designs. I can't wait to get started on some new things for my granddaugter!
Nicole - Slidell, USA
Hi there, I would like to thank Bunnycup Embroidery for their wonderful designs and free retired sets. As you all probably know, our economy and inflation rate is not as good as it was a few years ago so we cannot always afford to purchase the excellent quality embroidery designs from other countries. I have come to rely on freebies (what with having 3 children at University with astronomical fees) and I can only thank Bunnycup for these freebies with which I can embellish my home decor and gifts. Thanks again. Hugs, Ez
Ez - East London, South Africa
Thank you for the free designs. It really helps the budget. My granddaughter loves the designs on her clothes.
Susan - Glendale,AZ, USE
I am absolutely love your designs! This is my favorite site as I love to do baby items for my baby.Thank you Bunnycup, I will continue to browse your site until I have them all.
Victoria - Budapest, Hungary
I'm so glad I found your site! I'm always looking for cute appliques.
Joy - Prattville, USA
I am so pleased to have discovered your site thanks to your advertisement in Machine Embroidery & Textile Art which I receive here in the USA. The designs are adorable and I love how they stitch out. Thanks for keeping the prices so affordable. I have tons of ideas for some wonderful projects and I look forward to making gifts for my grandchildren. You can count on me to be a loyal and frequent customer.
Toni - Port Orange, United States
Just finished viewing the Gallery Showcase and cannot begin to express how beautiful the projects and designs are sent in by your customers. I am in absolute awe at all the beautiful projects. Not only are they inspiring but they also showcased how much so many of us love your designs and how much fun all of us have embroidering them! Thank you for sharing this delightful gallery showcase and your beautiful designs with all of us! Warm Regards, PeggyLou
PeggyLou - Clifton Park, USA
In addition to the new designs, the bargain bin is wonderful and has such variety and reasonable prices - the quality of the stitched designs are beautiful. A big thanks for adding so much fun to my sewing world. The retired sets are like Christmas all year around.
Betty - Jesup,Ga, USA
Thank you so much for the darling, darling free collections. I do appreciate your generousity and they will make my loved ones happy to receive anything embellished with them. Thanks again!!
Maureen A - Oxnard, USA
Just happened to come across your site and it is great. I love doing little kids things and your designs are great.
Karen - Flint, USA
I have purchased many embroidery designs over the past few years and in most instances I have been disappointed with the final stitched out results, especially as most design CDs are quite expensive. I thought the problem lay with the 'operator' being me, but I recently discovered your website, loved what you had to offer and so bought a number of your designs. Not only are the designs incredibly cute, they stitch out perfectly every time and the bonus is that the price is very, very good!! My congratulations to you!!
Ingrid - Bonny Hills, Australia
I would like to thank you for the wonderful sale you have. I just purchest 4 sets & received 10 sets free. How wonderful. I love your designs.
Jean - Banksia Beach, Australia
I absolutely love your designs! They stitch out beautifully and you have such a huge selection! Thank you!
Christi - Lakeside Park, USA
Thank you so much for all the time and effort you've put into your designs! Thank you as well for all the cutest free embroidery sets I've ever seen! You make embroidery fun!
Amanda - Columbia, USA
Love your stuff. I'm new to this embroidery and I really appreciate your economical downloads. They really are lovely. Again thanks.
maxine - , Australia
Nice designs!
Myra E - St Louis, USA
Thank you for your awesome design's. I look forward to seeing new ones that you have created. You are very generous with the free design's. Keep up the great work.
Becky - Lancaster, USA
I just can't tell you how much I am enjoying ALL of your designs. I have purchased a number of them in the last few months and love every one of them. Each one stitches out beautifully and are oh so cute! We have our first grandchild and I am having a ball using your designs on things for her. She will be 2 years old on Friday and I'm getting ready to use your "Party Time" Applique set. I also want to thank you sooooooooo much for your free retired sets! That is quite a gift and I look so forward to each set you add to this collection. GREAT work!!
Brenda - Chesapeake, USA
Your designs are adorable. A friend sent this site to me. Thanks, Grace
Grace - Niles, Ohio 44446, U.S.A.
Love this site and I plan on purchasing some designs as soon as I get my thoughts together! You have so many wonderful designs, I don't know where to start. Thanks so much, Lisha
Lisha - Wilmer, USA
This is my first visit, but not my last, very informative, and beautiful handy work using "ELEGANT DESIGNS"
Betty Ann - Jesup Ga, US
I love your designs. They are adorable and they always sew out wonderfully! Thank you for your quality work! I get excited every time I purchase a new set!! Thank you!!
Daneen - Chino Hills, United States of America
I love your designs!! I never have to worry about them not stitching out well; as some other designs I've found online just make messes of my projects. I can tell you take a lot of pride in your designs. Thanks so much! I can't wait to see what sets you come up with next.
Angela - , USA
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful all your designs are. I LOVE them all and they stitch beautiful. Thank You for providing such GREAT designs at an affordable price. I tell everyone I meet about your site.
Kelly - Seagoville, United States
What a wonderful site. Have told all my friends about it!!!
Jenny - Roelands Western Australia, AUSTRALIA
Love the designs! And the freebies!
Michelle - Babylon, NY, USA
I have enjoyed looking at your designs and they are just what I wanted for my grandson - he is only four months old. They will look great on anything I make for him.
Love your products.
Donna Green - Fort Worth, usa
Back again for more wonderful designs. I can always count on you to have great items and AMAZING prices. Everything stitched out beautifully! thank you
Melanie - Tucson, USA
WHAT A SALE! I can't believe this May sale!!! It's the best sale I've ever seen. Can't wait to stitch out all my designs I just purchased. I bought so much -- I'll be busy until Christmas 2009!
Denise - Ontario, Canada
This is the first time that I have been your website. I like it and will come back.
Virginia - Boise, USA
You are so generous with your free designs, You do a wonderful job. Thank you. Patsy
Patsy - whiteville, USA
Wow, Im new to machine embroidery. Just love your designs. Will practise with the freebie downloads but will definatly be back to buy more.
Annie - Stourport, UK
I just happened upon your site and I am truly impressed with the adorable designs. You know where I'm coming for my next project.
Jerilynn - Rockledge, USA
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with all of the designs that I have purchased from you, and also for your great customer service. Your designs were the first ones that I purchased after buying my first embroidery machine. You were very helpful with answering questions I had with my first purchase. I have always been happy with how cute the designs are and with the quality. I didn't have anything to compare with until last week when I ordered a design from ebay. Now I really love doing business with you even more! Your quality is far superior than the other one, and the speed of getting my design cannot get any better than bunnycup!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
Jennifer - , USA
Wow! I was so impressed, tonight was the first tim, I stiched out one of the applique cupcakes ... great design. I love them! I spent about $100 in my two visits to your site, now I just need to stich out all the wonderful designs. Can't wait! Can't wait for new release designs too.
Denise - Ontario, Canada
Awesome project pages, thanks for the inspiration and also for all the free designs in retired sets, etc. I've loved your designs, the bundles may be my undoing! Deborah
Deborah - King George, VA, USA
These are some of the cutest designs. You have been so generous to share you retired sets. Many of my older friends can not afford to buy many sets, but they have thoroughly enjoyed being able to acquire the free retired sets. Thank you so much, and wishing you continued success.
D'Lonna - Deltona, Florida, USA
I just love your designs. Also, thank you for your free retired sets. It's such a nice gesture.
Judy - Wichita, KS, USA
Thank you so much for sharing your sets that you are retiring with everyone!
Jill - Fargo, USA