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We have so many lovely customers from all over the World at Bunnycup Embroidery and we love to hear from you. Here is what some of our customers are saying. Why not leave us your comment too?

Just found your site and I've told everyone I know about it. I love it!!! Love the designs and especially the ideas.
Sheila - Panama City, USA
When my grandkids spend the night (5 girls & 2 boys...2 on the way), one of their favorite activities is to get on your site and select designs they would like to have on their personal items. It's great incentive to add to the wish list so that they can "earn" designs they have chosen via desired behavior, parental/school praise, etc. They love going to the sewing room and watching their "earnings" come to pass. Thanks for helping to make memories!
Judy - Edmond, Oklahoma
I would just like to say how wonderful your designs are, I just love using them. Keep up the great work.
kylie - adelaide, south australia
WOW!!!! what a site! I love it and I did download some freebies, thank you so very much and I will be ordering very soon... thanks again.
Love your designs! I am new to machine embroidery and am so glad to have discovered your site. The designs I have used thus far have stitched out great. Thanks for the free retired sets.
Joyce - Dalton, USA
What an amazing Web Site. I can not believe all the FREE stuff that you have. I found your site because I was looking for help on Appliques; I did not realize that I found a TREASURE TROVE of goodies. Thank you so much....
Jody - Puyallup, US
Amazing! I am so impressed by the number of wonderful designs you have on your site. I can hardly wait for grandchildren. It is so generous of you to allow free download of retired sets. You are the best!
Elli - Soquel, CA, USA
Your website is amazing. I absolutely love the designs. It makes what I do so much fun.
Jo Anne - Highland Village, US
Bought a few of your designs and love them.... thank you for your inspiration!
Cheryl - Swartklip , South Africa
I have used your site for several years and love all your designs and have purchased lots of them. I love creating items for my family and friends who can't wait to see what I'm making next. Thanks for such great designs.
Cecilia - Mason, US
I'm always delighted with your designs and they always work out beautifully.
Sandra - Melbourne, Australia
Thank you for all these beautiful designs,which are excellent quality. I'm so grateful for Bunnycup as it has made my embroidery experience a great one! Thanks again and keep up the good work.
safiyya - johannesburg, south africa
I love that you put all your retired designs up as freebies. My Granny loves all the cutsie little critters so I see many embroidered gifts in her future!
Kevin - Desert Hot Springs, USA
Love your designs. Thanks for all the free designs. Makes me keeping come back to buy your designs!!!
Gwenna - West Memphis, USA
Great site, very easy to use. Everything I have downloaded has stitched out beautifully. I can always count on your site having exactly what I am looking for and your prices are very fair! Thank you!
Pat - Tallassee, USA
Like the designs.
Miemie - Roodepoort, Suid- Afrika
Thank you very much for all the freebies you're giving us. As a new embroidery business I'm trying to get off the ground, it sure helps to find generous places like yours. Thanks once again for sharing these with all of us!
Trudy - Lincolnton GA, USA
I just found this website and love it!!!!!
Tina - Katy, USA
Love it!
chona - bulacan, philippines
Thank you so much Ashlea for helping me with my problem when ordering my sets. Because of your prompt response and your professionalism I will continue to be a loyal customer for many years to come. Thank you again for treating me like a valued customer rather than just a number.
Traci - Gonzales, USA
I have LOVED Bunnycup for many years, but didn't realize you had your own FABULOUS website! I am honored by your FREE FREE FREE Retired collection. That is mighty nice! A lot of baby friends will be delighting their moms. I will surely be back with debit card in hand (when I get back to work!). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
When I sit down to do your designs, I'm at ease. Not so with other designers! Your designs are so much better than most because you overlap your colors just a wee bit and that gives me room to not be perfect. Your under stitching is the best and I know what to expect no matter what designs I choose. I'm your biggest fan.
Pat - Oak Hill, USA
Hi Ashlea, I recieved your email about my baby quilt and bag, and you absolutely have my permission to put it in your gallery if you want to. I just love your designs, and I hope to purchase more in the future. Thank you, and have a great day! Karen Palmer
Karen - Fitchburg, USA
I received an embroidery machine for Christmas and shortly thereafter discovered your site. I am having so much fun stitching out your designs - they are beautiful! Thanks for the great high quality designs!
Shelly - Brainerd, USA
Wow, Such beautiful designs I am so glad that I found Bunnycup embroidery.
Jenny - Bury St Edmunds, England
I love these designs! I am so glad that I have found Bunnycup... It's awesome and your designs are adorable. I will be back over and over again...
Nancy - Warrington, USA
Ashlea, I just discovered your website today and have spent several hours looking at your designs. I LOVE EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I have seven grandchildren and can't wait to put some of your designs items I make for them. An excited new customer, Sharon
Sharon - Kennesaw, Georgia, United States
Just found your site and I am having so much fun with all of your darling designs. The free stuff is amazing. Thanks, can hardly wait to share your site
Jan - O'Fallon, US
Your designs are not only adorably cute, they are extremely well digitized! Thanks
Brenda - Midland TX, USA
My daughter and I have used your website for over a year and love it!! Helped my sister download freebies so she could learn to open zip files.....she is hooked!!! How great is that!! Thank you so much for all you do!! Exciting to see that people all over the world use these designs!!
Carrie - Acworth, 223
I only discovered your site last week and I am already a BIG fan of it!!! I have recently revisited my embroidery hobby and am grateful to your site for giving me lots of new ideas for homemade gifts for family and friends!! THANK YOU!!!!!
Tracey - Chorley, UK
I love the designs from this site. Thank you.
annette - chester, uk
I just love your designs. They stitch out so nice that I come back over and over to your site to buy more. And the prices are so good.
Sandra - Orlando, USA
Thank you for making it possible to buy single designs.
Lee Ann - Anaheim, CA, USA
What a fantastic collection of designs. I have been doing this for some time but I have to say this is the best site I have ever been to. This is going to get expensive.
Jackie - Washington Mi, USA
Your applique designs are so easy to use. I make many childrens charity quilts and use your designs a lot. Thanks, Daphne.
Daphne - Brisbane, Australia
I bought your designs when you sold on ebay they were some of my favorites! I am thrilled to have found you on the web!
Kimberly - Cross Plains , USA
OMG...Finally, I found a site that offers the cutest designs! I am so happy with the designs I have used and can't wait to buy many more sets to come! Your prices are reasonable and your designs are awesome...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Julie - Austin, Ar, usa
I bought my first embroidery machine at the beginning of the year and, to be honest, was finding the whole thing very frustrating until I found your website. Now there is no stopping me. Your designs are lovely, there is something for every occasion, and they are very easy to follow. My machine, which even struggled with it's own designs sometimes, always behaves perfectly with yours. Thank you!
Kathryn - , UK
I love your designs. I used the Fairy Girls set on Christmas gifts for my granddaughters I am sure they will love them.
Denise - Brisbane, Australia
This is the best embroidery site for children's designs. Thank you so much for providing a reliable source for us!
Teresa - J'ville, USA
I was directed to you're site by a friend, and I love looking at all the fun designs. Thank you.
Susanne - LakeCowichan,British Columbia, Canada
I love your designs! I have stitched out about 20 designs so far that I purchased and everyone of them comes out beautifully. Being that I have only started playing around with machine embroidery in the last 6 months, it is great I have found your designs that have made my creations even better. Thank you!
Robin - Suwanee, Georgia, USA
I absolutely love all of the designs. I find myself always coming back to Bunnycup to buy patterns. They always stitch so beautifully. I also enjoy looking at all the different blankets burp cloths, and other items everyone has made. It is always lots of fun to spend time at Bunnycup. Thanks to everyone for posting pics. Wanda
Wanda - Wills Point, US
Thanks for your generosity! I'm new to machine embroidery and look forward to trying out your designs.
Jenni - , UK
Fantastic and lovely. Your embroidery is so great and looks so neat every time. Thanks for the freebies and the specials you always give when buying sets - fantastic again *****!
Ann Marie - Queensland, Australia
Your website is amazing, I don't even own an embroidery machine yet (I plan to buy one for my birthday this year. I am seeing you have so many wonderful designs and I love your freebies too. :) Thanks!
Ashley - Calgary, Canada
Thank you for the really lovely free designs. As a Gran and pensioner I really appreciate the free sets. The Gingerbread sets are the ones I sew over and over for all my friends. This year I am making gift bags ready for Santa to fill. Thank you again.
Anna - , South Africa
I love this site.
Mary - Ypsilanti, US
What a wonderful site. Keep up the good work. Even I as pensioner can afford to use your designs. Thanks.
Hester - Nelspruit, South Africa