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We have so many lovely customers from all over the World at Bunnycup Embroidery and we love to hear from you. Here is what some of our customers are saying. Why not leave us your comment too?

As I keep shopping, I find that your designs are getting more and more cute and beautiful...Your site is my favorite. thank you diane
diane - utica, mi (usa), usa
Your site is easy to visit. I love your designs. I am retiring soon and have bought my embroidery machine. When I plan what I am doing, I will be back to purchase some of your designs. I downloaded your catalogue so I can review and remember what I liked best. Thanks you made my morning.
Jo-Anne - Oshawa, Canada
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your designs. They stitch out beautifully and each design is adorable. I get so excited when I see a newslettr, because I know something new is coming. Thank you and keep up the good work !
Debbie - Jacksonville, USA
I think your free patterns are lovely to use, thank you.
reina - merseyside, uk
Hello, I would like to tell you that your site it's one of the best that I've found on the Net. Angelina, Portugal
Angelina - Lisbon, Portugal
May I say how pleased I am with your designs and how much fun I am having with them - trying new ones every day!
Donna - , USA
I love your work. Have purchased some designs and of course collected your retired sets. A big thank you for this offer, it really helps the likes of me. I am married to a farmer and as you know we have been in a drought situation for over 7 years now, so money is very precious. I make items and sell to family and friends. I must congratulate you on your growth in digitizing. Keep up the good work.
Nannajs - port pirie, South Australia
Thankyou for allowing me to download some of your freebies I will enjoy working with these designs I am just new to embroidery by machine so I am sure I will learn and enjoy what i stitch out
lizzie - hamilton,vic, australia
I found your site during a quiet time search of embroidery sites, and I am absolutely blown away by the quality of your designs and the amount of free downloads. I am keeping you on the top of my favorites. Thanks a Bunch!
Linda - Chandler, Arizona, USA
I wanted to tell you that I have gotten several of your applique sets and used them for my grandchildren and they are perfect. When I take them to embroidery club everyone is amazed how great they sew out. I tell them "it is the way they are digitized" and that they come from Bunnycup. Thanks for making me look good!
Pat - , usa
I love your designs. Can't wait to use some of them on burp cloths, diapers and such.
Vail - Cleveland, USA
This is a WONDERFUL and easy to use site, the most beautiful designs. I love to come to Bunnycup and see whats new!! Thanx for the great service! Regards
Esna - Senekal, South Africa
Ashlea, I just love you designs! And to you who have not used Ashlea's designs, boy are you in for a great time. They all sew up so beautifully. If I could afford to I would have everyone of them in my private embroidery collection. Thanks you again from the bottom of my heart! Helen
Helen - Rhineland, Missouri
Your designs are very cute! I am glad to have found your site. I like many of your designs they are unique! Thank You for the nice free designs!
Sandy - , USA
I just want to take a moment to thank you for all the wonderful designs that you so generously given to us.
janet - lake isabella, calif., usa
I love your designs, they are really beautiful and I enjoy them - congratulations.
Monica - Quito, Ecuador
I absolutely love your designs, they are unique and just adorable! Your service and communication is absolutely fantastic, I will be recommending you to all I know!
Bronwyne - Victoria, Australia
Congratulations on having the finest sets of embroidery patterns we've seen in quite a while!
Leona - Nebraska , USA
Love the new sets and really appreciate the free sets. It's nice to see that sharing your work is as important as selling your work. Thanks for your generosity. I love the stitchouts - they are beautiful. I love the playfulness of the christmas work this year.
Kathleen - Freeport, USA
Glad I found this site..You have so many wonderful patterns to choose from..
Vena - Morgantown, ky, USA
I totally enjoy Bunnycup! I can always find what I am looking for along with great ideas. This is a great site.
Mary - Denham Springs, USA
I just wanted to let you know I purchased your cupcake with 1 candle applique pattern - and I am stunned by how cute it is!!! The stitching is suberb - very tight, no gaps, and great understitching for strength. This is my 1st attempt at applique and I am very excited about it! I just wanted to say thanks for a great design - I bookmarked your site and I will be back!
Leah - , USA
Hi, just wanted to say I have tryed some designs out and WOW!!! I just have to shop more !!!! And I have just subscribed to the newsletter - I want to buy much more from you in the future!!!!!!
Helene - , Sweden
Thank you so much for making the retired sets freebies. They are all just the cutest!!
Maureen - Oxnard,, USA
Just found it...
Tanya - Lockney, USA
Thanks for the great freebies, can't wait to stitch the "Fluffy" looking bears. A lovely site, much appreciated - thank you!
Belinda - Witbank, South Africa
Ashlea, Thank you so much for such beautiful designs and the generousity of the packages and your monthly specials. I have bought almost all of them. They sew out so beautifully. Keep up the wonderful work! Thanks!
Roberta - Lexington, SC, USA
How cute! I can hardly wait to get started on my next project(s).
Debbie - Sullivan, USA
Love all your designs, I am so glad I found your site.
joan - augusta, w.v., u.s.a
Your designs are lovely. Thanks for all of your hard work. I know because I love to digitize also and it is not as easy as people might think. I just wish I had the ability to draw. You are Super.
Sharon - Canton, Georgia, USA
Bunnycup Embroidery is the backbone of my own business. Without Bunnycup and the gorgeous designs they generate, not to mention the quality way in which these designs sew, my business wouldn't be what it is today. I have used many, many embroidery design websites but can honestly say that none can compete with Bunnycup and their designs.
Kerry - Stockport, UK
Availability of the most awesome designs, they are all such a pleasure to look at and more rewarding to sew.Thanks for all the efforts in making this a place to win the most unique designs.
Betty - Jesup,Ga, US
I really love all of your designs. They all stitch out so prefectly. I have purchased many design sets and made some really cute products for my website.Thank you! Leslie
Leslie - Nashville, TN
This is one of the nicest sites that I have found for designs for children. I have really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work
Normie - Hunker Pa, USA
Great free downloads!
Gloria - Haverstraw, New York, USA
I have never seen such beautiful designs. I really enjoyed using them to make a baby blanket and the mother really loved the bears with wings. They were right on target for her baby's room. Thank you so much for creating such quality and beautiful designs.
Laura - , USA
I have been looking at this site for hours and have purchased quite a few sets, and still want more. They are very cute, can't wait to start stitching them out to make quilts for prem babies in hospitals.
Noelene Hird - Mandurah, Australia
Wow! A friend alerted me last night about this wonderful site. I could hardly wait to get online. I'm anxious to use your designs. Thanks for all the freebies.
Marleen - Edmond, USA
What a wonderful lady. A very BIG thank you to Ashlea for your help today with my order.I look forward to getting these desings and sewing them from the bottom of my heart once again THANK YOU. Fran,Cairns Australia
Fran - cairns, australia
What beautiful designs! I have a few of them and trying hard to purchase more. I have looked at all the lovely work you wonderful ladies out there are doing and it is just fantastic.
Fran - cairns, australia
I love this site and the designs are so cute. Thank you for this beautiful work!
Raphaela - Vila Velha, Brazil
Thank you so much for your free retired sets. I was so excited when I found your site. I used your Lil Cherie set to make a baby quilt for our brand new granddaughter. I know that she will love it for a very long time. Thanks again for all you do to help the home machine embroider.
Helen - Rhineland, Missouri, United States
I just want to tell you how much I love your designs. I have been embroidering for many years and have bought hundreds of designs over the years and you are one of my all-time favorites.....Not only are they great to sew out, but they are also very affordable. I think its very generous of you to have those specials and make them avaiable for all the embroiderers out there. Its obvious you put your heart into your work........KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patricia - , USA
This is Sharon from Western Pennsylvania in the USA and I just wanted to tell you that the Russian Dolls Embrodery with applique are just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to let you know you are a very gifted young lady. The applique is just beautiful and perfect!!! Thank you for sharing the embroidery world with your wonderful talent and designs. I just had to let you know.
Sharon - Western Pennsylvania, USA
Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing these beautiful designs. As a nu-bee,I appreciate trying out new and different types of embroidery patterns. Believe me, I'll be back!! Linda
Linda - Morganton, NC, USA
What a generous heart you have ...besides such a wonderful talent....for sharing so many free designs.....thanks so much for sharing both!!!
Roxanne - South Carolina, USA
Love your designs. They stitch out so nice and are good for clothing as well as quilts and aprons. Great ideas for the designs. Thank you. I also like the idea of the bundle sets. I'll be back for more.
Joanne - Fairfield, USA
I just love this site. My mother was looking for a special fairy design and your site was the only one I visited. I have bought several designs from bunnycup embroidery and adore every single one of them.
Maree - , Australia
You have the most adorable designs. Thank you for the free designs. I will be back to purchase.
Lenee - Buena Park, United States
I have just found this site and am looking forward to sewing out your pretty designs. Thank you for sharing your designs with us.
joyce - cypress, orange