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Article Posted 26 December 2017

Ashlea Stoodley - Bunnycup Embroidery

If you haven't joined us in the Bunnycup Embroidery Facebook Group then why not join us now? It's easy just go to the Bunnycup Embroidery Facebook Group now and join in.

Facebook Group

The group is a great place to learn from other machine embroidery enthusiasts and share your projects, ask questions or just browse the great example projects using Bunnycup Embroidery designs. You’re bound to find all sorts of useful information.

We have had some beautiful projects shared recently and we thought we would share them here with you.

These beautiful Christmas embroidery design towels from Barbara shows off the santa hat wearing flamingo from the Applique Tropical Christmas Animals design set.

Christmas Flamingo Towel

Cheryl shows us a perfect way to showcase a series of designs to use as a table runner or similar decorative element for your Christmas table. Here she has used designs from Showglobes Applique embroidery design set.

Table Runner

Looking for the perfect Christmas embroidery quilt? Look no further than Elizabeth's beautiful mix of traditional and new in this quilt using designs from Jolly Holiday embroidery design set.

Jolly Holiday Quilt

Bibs are a great way to showcase our fabulours children's embroidery designs and bring out that baby smile. Super cute! This three baby boy embroidery bibs by Greta uses designs from Baby Boy Sentiments Too embroidery design set.

Dream Big Bib
Planes, trains and trucks bib
Love you to the moon and back bib

These Woodland Animal embroidery designs help to make a perfect gift set for any new arrival. This set of embroidery baby towels use designs from Woodland Animals embroidery designs set.

Beautiful Gift Set

What a sweet embroidered quilt Maz has made. She shows terrific color matching with unique designs from Ice Cream Sundae Applique embroidery design set.

Ice Cream Sundae Quilt

Showing simple and effective customization this christmas embroidery design uses the Split Christmas embroidery design set.

Effective Customization
Customized design on dress

Looking for something unique for the whole family at Christmas time? Then look at these wonderful Christmas emberoidery design shirts from Wendy. These shirts use a design from the Lil bit of Christmas embroidery design set.

Family Christmas Embroidery Shirts

These two Christmas stockings are a beautiful take on a traditional Christmas project. Yolande used designs from our Applique Tropical Christmas Animals embroidery design set to make these two.

Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stocking

Why not drop by and join us at our Facebook Group to see these and many more projects and perhaps share some of your own work? Please come and join us at the Bunnycup Embroidery Facebook Group. We can’t wait to see you there!

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What superb service!! Thankyou!! Those are the most detailed instructional designs i have ever bought, and the instructions/colour charts etc. are sooooooooo helpfull. I have never bought anything so fabulous, and i will be sure to have great fun working with your lovely designs. I will definately be back for more of your fab sets now i know they come with so much information. Thanks for all your help, and see you again real soon.