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We have so many lovely customers from all over the World at Bunnycup Embroidery and we love to hear from you. Here is what some of our customers are saying. Why not leave us your comment too?

Love your designs - I'll be back for sure.
Teri - Orange, USA
I love your designs, I have used them quite often. I will send you pics of the baby quilt I made using your designs. Keep up the good them.
nancy - virden, United States
I just spent a little time looking at your website. I enjoyed it very much. It was very informative. I especially enjoyed your "embroidery tips."
Fern - Fresno, USA
Great designs!!
Nhi - Jackson, USA
I've just found this site whilst browsing and I have to say it's absolutely wonderful. The redwork designs are the most beautiful I have seen for a very long time. Well done to all those who made this website and it's contents possible. I hope to return many times in the future.
Marian - Cheshire, United Kingdom
First time I purchased from you and just wanted to say VERY NICE WORK.
Diana - , Canada
Too many cute patterns, too little time. I love machine embroidery (among other crafts), and since I have 17 grandchildren, Bunnycup is my all time favorite. Keep up the good work!
eileen - des peres, USA
What a wonderful site! We needed to find some things that were not easily found on other sites and they were all here!
Dwayne - Prince George, USA
I have been using designs from a few other designers and am very satisfied with their designs, but when it comes to Baby/Childrens Embroidery & Applique Designs, yours are by far the best I have found. All of your designs come out perfectly every time and the reverse side is beautiful. I am very impressed and now I am the proud owner of 30 Bunnycup Design Sets - there are many more I am planning to purchase in the future. Now I just have to find the time to embroider them all!!!
Elizabeth - Florida, USA
Awsome and then some - I love Bunnycup - I can't stay away - I will send some of my finished projects as soon as I get a bit of free time.... Thank you for your creativity!!!
Vickie - , USA
I liked your free designs and can't wait to try them. Thanks.
Betty - bloomsdale, mo
You have soooo many cute designs. When I did my usual search for llamas, I was very happy and surprised to find two designs. I have llamas and I absolutely love the llama designs you have. This is a favorite site of mine.
Cindy - Farmer City, USA
I have purchased some of your designs and they stitch out beautiful. I also have tried the freebees and they are great too.
Edie - New Orleans, USA
I enjoy your designs, they are so easy to download and stitch out so beautifully, I check every weekend for new designs and especially the free retired ones. You always run good specials too. Thank you!!!!
Sue - Millersburg, Ohio, USA
Wanted to say thank you for your beautiful designs. I have tried several download sites, but none compare with yours. I never worry that your designs won't sew out correctly, both the purchased ones and the freebies come out perfect every time and look great on everything I put them on. Everyone who sees them thinks they are so cute ! I am so happy that I found you !! Love it, love it, love it!
Donna - Carmi, USA
Daine Wendorf - Naperville, USA
Nice site - there were a lot of cute things!
laurel - daytona beach, volusia
Love your designs....
BeBe - Arlington, USA
Love this site!!! You really make it easy to enjoy embroidery with trying different designs and techniques.
Joyce - san antonio, USA
These are some of the cutest designs I have seen. I am so excited I know I will be up late every night embroidering my heart out. How generous of you to give some many designs free of charge. I purchased a bunch of sets and took advantage of your beautiful free designs too.
Grace - San Antonio, USA
I wanted to comment on how wonderful your site is - and the Ballet cuties are adorable seeing I have a granddaughter in ballet. I got my sister on your website and she is always buying your designs which stitch out wonderful! Keep up the good work. You are by far the best embroidery website I have found!
roberta - northport, usa
Great site!
deborah - pioneer, usa
I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! Everything turns out beautiful!! The site is easy to use and FAST!!!! Thank you for having such an amazing site!!!
Cara - rosenberg,TX, USA
Pretty designs.
Miemie - Rustenburg, Suid-Afrika
Ashlea, thanks once again for your free retired embroidery designs. Your latest set of Garden Fairies is simply dazzling, and they will look great on my baby granddaughter's clothes.
maryanne - tamworth, australia
I love your website and look everyday to see new designs! I have used many of your designs and they are very easy to do. I have NEVER had a bad experience with either the designs or your customer service. Thank you!
Gerri - , USA
Thank you for the wonderful designs.
Judith - Rochester Hills, Michigan, UISA
Love your designs and your retired sets. I especially love the ginger bread & red work.
Addie L. Kimbell - Jackson Alabama, US
Maravillosos los diseños y quisiera agradecer los diseños gratis ya que para comenzar un negocio es siempre bien venida una ayuda. estoy encantada con ustedes y voy a publicar su pagina para que mas chilenas laqs puedan ver. kanny
karina - viña del mar, chile
I am very pleased with your service. Your designs come out wonderfully. I enjoy sewing and you have opened up a new world of sewing for me. I would like to thank you.
Barbara Wolf - Susquehanna, USA
Thank you very much. In being a beginner I did not have much to choose from. With your helpfulness I can pratice all I want now with the wonderful free designs. I have book marked your site and I will be back.
Joanne - Williamsburg, United States
Wonderful designs.
Darlene - East Palestine, USA
I so enjoy your site and tell all about it. Thank you for all your wonderful offers.
Sharon - Hamilton, Canada
Your designs are all so wonderful that I have enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for such quality embroidery.
Ginger - Everett, United States
WOW!! What can I say - I stumbled across you when I googled embroidery designs. Having had my machine for a very short time, I didn't know what was a good design (i.e. how it stitched out and looked when finished) was from a bad one, so I downloaded a freebie design and it stitched out perfect. I ended up buying 20 sets all together and I have since brought some deigns from other sources and they just don't compare to yours - so thanks heaps for all the great designs and hard work (and love) that must go into all of them.
Alison - melbourne, austraila
Thanks so much for the freebies!!! I just love you site and your designs!!!!
DEBBY - Lake Havasu , USA
Love, love your designs. I hope you will come out with more tweens and teen designs. We are past the little girl stuff (darn it).
Roxie - Riverton, USA
Thank you so much for the darling angels and I love your other designs.
shiela - man,, NH
I love your designs and they sew beautifully. I made baby bibs using Dog Gone and they are just precious. I think they are the cutest things I've made to date!
JoAnn - , USA
Your designs are such a pleasure to look at, they bring a smile to my face. They are so whimsical, my grandchildren love looking at all the designs and picking out which ones they would like on a Tee shirt or other wearable item. Thank you for you wonderful work and making these designs available to us home sewers.
Karen - Bellevue, USA
I love your designs and have bought many sets from OPW. Delighted to have found your own website!
Liza - St Lucia, South Africa
I just recently found Bunnycup Designs at OregonPatchworks. I probably purchased half of the collection at that time. Now that I have found Bunnycup's website, I will be purchasing even more. And thanks so much for the free retired sets. Your generosity is as overwhelming as your designing and digitizing. Keep up the great work! From one of your newest fans!
Cynthia - Maplewood, USA
I absolutely love your designs, they are so simple to use and the embroidery doesn't keep going over the same area, which can sometimes be a big problem!
Jessica - Cheshire, UK
I just love your site - you have the cutest designs. Thanks for the freebies.
Angie - lafayette ga, usa
I ADORE your desings. A lot of sites have cute designs but the stitch out has a little to be desired. I have yet to have a bad outcome from ANY of your designs. This is a site I can truly count on for quality digitizing! One animal I would LOVE to see you tackle as a piece is the Jaguar. My daughters team are Jaguars and you can not find a cute one digitized anywhere! You do such a fabulous job I know they would turn out adorable :-) Thanks, Keri
Keri - Puyallup, United States
Thank you so much for the free retired sets, what a lovely gift, like Xmas morning for me. My little Grandson is going to own the best quilts in Australia.
Robyn - Melbourne, Australia
I think your site is wonderful. Thanks so much for the great designs.
Mary - Calgary, Canada
Thank you for the wonderful embroidery. You kindness if very much appreciated.
Robin - hamilton, usa
Have enjoyed your web site and your embroidery designs are awesome. Thanks!!
Susi - Great Falls, USA
Great work, I love to sew your designs - they are so neat. The ballet girls are so cute.
Ann Marie - Yarraman, Austraila