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We have so many lovely customers from all over the World at Bunnycup Embroidery and we love to hear from you. Here is what some of our customers are saying. Why not leave us your comment too?

Your designs are all so wonderful that I have enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for such quality embroidery.
Ginger - Everett, United States
WOW!! What can I say - I stumbled across you when I googled embroidery designs. Having had my machine for a very short time, I didn't know what was a good design (i.e. how it stitched out and looked when finished) was from a bad one, so I downloaded a freebie design and it stitched out perfect. I ended up buying 20 sets all together and I have since brought some deigns from other sources and they just don't compare to yours - so thanks heaps for all the great designs and hard work (and love) that must go into all of them.
Alison - melbourne, austraila
Thanks so much for the freebies!!! I just love you site and your designs!!!!
DEBBY - Lake Havasu , USA
Love, love your designs. I hope you will come out with more tweens and teen designs. We are past the little girl stuff (darn it).
Roxie - Riverton, USA
Thank you so much for the darling angels and I love your other designs.
shiela - man,, NH
I love your designs and they sew beautifully. I made baby bibs using Dog Gone and they are just precious. I think they are the cutest things I've made to date!
JoAnn - , USA
Your designs are such a pleasure to look at, they bring a smile to my face. They are so whimsical, my grandchildren love looking at all the designs and picking out which ones they would like on a Tee shirt or other wearable item. Thank you for you wonderful work and making these designs available to us home sewers.
Karen - Bellevue, USA
I love your designs and have bought many sets from OPW. Delighted to have found your own website!
Liza - St Lucia, South Africa
I just recently found Bunnycup Designs at OregonPatchworks. I probably purchased half of the collection at that time. Now that I have found Bunnycup's website, I will be purchasing even more. And thanks so much for the free retired sets. Your generosity is as overwhelming as your designing and digitizing. Keep up the great work! From one of your newest fans!
Cynthia - Maplewood, USA
I absolutely love your designs, they are so simple to use and the embroidery doesn't keep going over the same area, which can sometimes be a big problem!
Jessica - Cheshire, UK
I just love your site - you have the cutest designs. Thanks for the freebies.
Angie - lafayette ga, usa
I ADORE your desings. A lot of sites have cute designs but the stitch out has a little to be desired. I have yet to have a bad outcome from ANY of your designs. This is a site I can truly count on for quality digitizing! One animal I would LOVE to see you tackle as a piece is the Jaguar. My daughters team are Jaguars and you can not find a cute one digitized anywhere! You do such a fabulous job I know they would turn out adorable :-) Thanks, Keri
Keri - Puyallup, United States
Thank you so much for the free retired sets, what a lovely gift, like Xmas morning for me. My little Grandson is going to own the best quilts in Australia.
Robyn - Melbourne, Australia
I think your site is wonderful. Thanks so much for the great designs.
Mary - Calgary, Canada
Thank you for the wonderful embroidery. You kindness if very much appreciated.
Robin - hamilton, usa
Have enjoyed your web site and your embroidery designs are awesome. Thanks!!
Susi - Great Falls, USA
Great work, I love to sew your designs - they are so neat. The ballet girls are so cute.
Ann Marie - Yarraman, Austraila
You're site is the BEST!!
Mitsey - Lavergne, usa
Your designs are cute.
Judy - Avondale, USA
I just had to tell you that I am HOOKED on your website. You are the only one that I buy all my designs from. Never had problem with one yet!!! Thanks so much for the "More you buy, more you get free" sale. I was able to get ALL of the designs that I've been dying for and an affordable price too. Thanks so much for all that you do to help us embroidery fans!!
Tracy - TX, USA
I love doing kiddies/baby articles and found the wonderful free designs on your site today! Thank-you so very much for sharing them I will enjoy every moment sewing them.
june - roodepoort, southafrica
I know you probably hear this a thousand times a day, but you have one of the best embroidery sites on the Internet. Your presentation in perfect. It's very user friendly and easily understood. Your designs are pictured exactly as they stitch out, which is not always the case! Not to mention, they are all precious. When I order something from Bunnycup (which I haven't in a while because I bought almost everything you had the minute I discovered you....) I know I will be happy with my purchase and proud of the results.....every time! Thank you and bravo to you.
Molly - Texas, USA
Thank you so much for the lovely free designs that I downloaded from your website. It is really lovely and I have used it on a lot of baby items and blankies that I make and sell at the Essenwood Fleamarket. This is an exclusive market that only have the best products and I am proud to have been using you designs. Thank you once again. Lot of love and best embroidery.
Susie - Durban, South Africa
A wonderful Web Site. I'm looking forward to a viewing all available patterns.
Carol - Fort Cobb, USA
Thank you for the retired sets. I'm retired so its great! They really are cute and I appreciate them. I like you're site. Thanks again.
Diane - Milwaukee, USA
Love, love, love your designs, especially the applique. Keep them coming!! Lin L, USA
Lin - , USA
I can not put into words my gratitude. Your free dowloads are a GOD sent...I am on disability pension and can not afford the "high" prices out there, but I still will like to offer my grandbabies, nice things. This will be possible now thanks to you and your generosity....bravo bravo. Millions of thanks, a very thankful fan from canada. celyne
celyne - pickering, canada
The designs on this site are so sweet! They are all just adorable and you almost want to hug them! Great deals on sets also. Thank you for taking your valuable time to share your talent with all of us.
Connie - Dunbar, US
I love all your designs. Thank you.
Silvia - Homestead, USA
I just downloaded alot of the Free Retired Sets of designs and I'm going to be using them in many different projects. When I get some done, I'll let you know. They are all so cute! Thanks for offering them. I appreciate it.
Sara - Howell, USA
Thank you for all your retired sets - they sew out perfect and they are so cute. This is a site I will come back to often. Again - thank you.
linda - perth, Australia
I love your designs. I look at other sites but I always come back here.
Angela - Cottonton, United States
I have had a good time looking at your site. Thank you!
Darrell - Chester, USA
You have a lovely site! Thank you for the retired designs and freebies.
Anne - Cape Town, South Africa
I was told of this site by a friend and LOVE it !!!
Ruthanne - guyton, usa
Wonderful Designs
Louise - Albuquerque, USA
I love your designs they are some of my favorite ones to use. Thanks so much for them.
Pat - Sedgwick, Ks, USA
I want you to know that I LOVE your website, it is one of the best out there. I have referred several of my friends to it. Keep up the good work.
Linda - , USA
Betty - Thibodaux, La., U.S.A.
Thanks so much for the retired sets. Can't wait to stitch them out. They look great
Yvonne - Table View. Cape Town, South Africa
Thank you so much for the new sets and the new freebies! I love your sets...they always so out so perfectly...I never have to "test" them first! I love the confidence of knowing that, especially when I am working on a project and need to finish quickly. Your talent is exceptional (I'm so-o-o-o jealous) and much appreciated.
Karen - , USA
Your designs are so wonderful - I stitch them out and you can hardly tell the front from the back. Your stitches are so beautiful and they actually make sense when you are sewing them out....most other designs jump all over the place. This is my favorite site now and I am sharing it will all my embroidery friends. Keep up the good work!!
Mary Jo - Hutchinson, MN
I love this website. I am new to downloading and was so happy you offer all the free retired sets which is great practice for me. You are a very kind and generous lady. Look forward to doing business with you. I have shared your website with all my friends. Thank you, Linda.
Linda - Penn Valley, California United States
Just to say WOW love your designs. I got some in May and they are a delight to sew and will be buying more. Also great value - good on you.
Ann Marie - Queensand, Australia
Sus diseños son fabulosos. English Translation: Thier designs are fabulous.
Mar - Puebla, México
Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL designs on your website! They are by far the nicest on the web! The free retired sets are a godsend to those of us on a budget. Bunnycup is my favorite of all embroidery sites and thanks for the affordable designs. I've seen others that are not as nice for far more money!
Tracy - Cypress, TX, USA
Just wanted to say your designs are fantastic!! I have purchased several bundle packs now and they all stitch out so nice. You have a new customer here to stay. Thanks so much and also they are nicely priced! Thanks again!
Sharon/Pigtails n' Mudpies - Canton, United States
I'm so glad I found this site.I just love it. I was having trouble downloading one of the designs I bought and I got help very quick. Thanks for such an awesome site. And thanks for the help. I LOVE it!!!
terrie lavergne - lewisburg,louisiana, usa
Awesome designs!
Jamie - Troy, United States
Wow! Have been using the same embroidery sites for years and have just discovered you! The designs are so cute, I am going to make use of the April offer and stock up on designs!!
Lisa - Stockport, England