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We have so many lovely customers from all over the World at Bunnycup Embroidery and we love to hear from you. Here is what some of our customers are saying. Why not leave us your comment too?

Just discovered your site. Very cute designs! I downloaded some free ones to try them out, and I'm sure I'll be back to this site!
Amy - New Martinsville WV 26155, USA
What a wonderful site. Spent ages going through the designs. Will be sure to pass the word around.
Samantha - Orient Point, Australia
WOW, I haven't visited this site for a couple of months and there is so much new stuff. I am lovin' it.
Grace - Susanville, USA
These are by far the best designs out there. They are totally cute and very unique. Love them!
Tatiana - Tampa, USA
One of my favorite sites to check out daily to become inspired and encouraged! My daughter and I chat about what each of us has stitched out!! Very inspirational and fun!
Carrie - Acworth, 223
I can't believe how amazing your site is!!!!!! I only got my embroidery machine a few days ago, but thanks to your retired & freebie sections, I already have HUNDREDS of designs that I can sew. Looking forward to being good enough to buy lots more designs from you. Thank you so much xxx
Sarah - Chesterfield, England
Thank you. Thank you for such a wonderful site. I am very new to embroidery and applique and I know I will get much enjoyment from your designs. And you are in my town too. I can't wait to tell my friends.
Gail - Brisbane, Australia
I just want to say WOW! and a big thank you for all your beautiful designs. I really appreciate all you do.
Kim - Osgoode, Canada
Just purchased 2 sets of designs and they are absolutely wonderful.. They stitch out perfectly and are beautiful.. My daughter is expecting twins and the babies layette will feature all of your designs. Thank you so much.
Patricia - Brisbane, Australia
I like your designs and my kids like them too - I have 7 of them!
JUDITH - St.Charles., Mo.
Cute, cute cute.
Bobbie - Mariposa, United States
Love your web site.
Linda - Muscle Shoals, United States
I love your designs and getting your newsletter. My grandchildren are older, so I sew for children at church. Thank you for making my sewing so much fun and affordable.
Carol - Grand Bay, AL, USA
I absolutely love your designs! They stitch out beautifully. Since I'm new to embroidery, your Gallery Showcase gives me so many ideas, I just want to keep stitchin and stitchin.
I loved your DESIGNS & the free retired sets. As I am still very new embroidery, it is going to help me to get a good start. Thanky so much.
Alice - Impala Park, South Africa
I just love Bunnycup! Thank you so much for offering such a high quality design selection. Your designs sew beautifully.
Stacey - Buford, USA
My husband just recently purchased an embroidery machine for my 50th birthday. I am very happy to say your site has many designs to choose from. I am very impressed with the many designs you have.
Kim - Moscow, USA
I love the designs here. They sew out perfectly every time! Your designs are precious. I will keep coming back for more:)
Pat - Livingston, USA
I love your web site, I have used some of the free designs, they look very nice. Keep up the good work.
Sherry - L a Porte, USA
Just found your site. It is wonderful. I will be checking it often. Thanks.
Regina - Baltimore, USA
Once again I have found just the design I need. Thank you for such beautiful designs. I know I can always rely on your designs to stitch out perfectly first time.
Gillian - Warrington, UK
Just revisited your site after a long break from machine embroidery. Wonderful, the designs just get better and better. I bought a couple and have lots on my wish list - they are just delightful. Can't wait to get started again, thank you for giving me the inspiration to start again.
Julia - Perth , Australia
Hi Ashlea! I've loved your site for quite a while, and have downloaded many of your designs. I'm so thrilled with your Club Bunnycup since I've been trying to keep track on my own of purchases I've made from you and the designs I still want! The Club makes this SO much easier! Thank you.
Barb - Cedar Springs , USA
Thank you so much for this lovely designs. They are beautiful. I have so many ideas and can't wait to start. I saw your advertisement in a magazine and decide to take a look. What a surprise. Thank you again for sharing your talent with us.
Rina - Secunda, South Africa
I just came on your site. I have learned so much already as I am new to embroidery. This is an excellent site for beginners. Also your designs are fabulous. I will be buying my first designs from this site.
linda - windsor, canada
I just wanted you to know that I love your designs. They are some of the best I've seen. I love how you incorporate the designs in a printable version for display purposes. It really helps my business. Thank you for all your GREAT sales and hard work.
Karen - Russellville, KY, USA
Is my first time visiting Bunnycup embroidery and is great to see how many beautiful designs you have. I will cotinue looking at your site and buying some of them.
Elisa - Las Piedras, Puerto Rico 00771
Ashlea, love the new club features especailly the wish list. This is about the only way you could have made your website any better.
Diane - Waller, USA
I absolutely love your designs. I have purchased many, many sets. I just wish I had much, much free time to "play" with them! I make many gift projects & my friends marvel at the beautiful designs. Thanks so much.
Barb - Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA
I was just told about your website and what an AWESOME site. You are why we all love this hobby sooo much. I have 11 grandkids and 1 great grandson and your designs will come in sooo handy for most of them. I can't wait to use some of the designs I have already got and at such a good time of year. Thank you!!
Bonnie - Susanville, CA, USA
I introduced my daughter to your site....and the rest is history!!She calls daily to tell me what beautiful project she stitched out last night! Her friends children have adorable outfits!!! We both embroider!! Your site is beautiful. The work stitches out like a dream!! Beautiful things we can do together!!! Thank you so much for all that you do!!!
Carrie - Acworth, Ga, USA
Retired designs for free download are appreciated. I am new to the site & just bought my first design set -it has sewn out with no problems, a lovely set. Thank you.
Jean - Ramsey, United Kingdom
This site has the cuties by the score. Thank you for letting me download your great designs.
karen - rockville, usa
I love all of your designs! My favorite two are the Dear Mommy and Dear Daddy! I have so much fun using these on things for my daughters or for gifts!! Your embroidery designs are some of the cutest I have found yet!!
Carol - Summerville, South Carolina, USA
I'd just like to say that I got so much inspiration from looking at all the wonderful projects.
Angie - LaFayette Ga , usa
I love your designs! My daughter and I get on line and discuss which designs we need to get!! She has begun to embrodery for her friends! What a great site!! Thank you for all the work and excellent service you provide!
Carrie - Acworth, 223
Enjoyed your Gallery update. I am always inspired by the beautiful work of your customers. I have purchased and used several of your sets and have always enjoyed them. Keep up the good work!
Harriet - Macon, USA
I recently purchased one ballet beauty for a tote bag I was making for my grandaughter. She is three and taking a baby ballerina class. I was having a difficult time finding an appropriate design. When I found your site, I was very pleased. When I stitched out the design I was even more pleased. I am just learning to digitize myself and I was very impressed how well the design stitched out. Thanks very much! I will be back for more.
Deb - , USA
I'm so happy to have found your site. Your designs are adorable and I am having fun using them on items for my granchildren.
Megan - Satellite Beach, United States
This website is FANTASTIC! I absolutely love all of your designs! Thank you so much for all of your free retired sets, as they are awesome. I have also purchased many others and this is the first website that I always come back to. Thanks again!
Finally a website I can be excited about! I'm new to machine embroidery and have not found a site I love. Your designs are so cute and I love the inclusion of applique. Keep up the good work!
Julia - North Highlands, California
Hi, I am new to the world of Embroidery and your designs are adorable, very affordable and stitch out beautifully. Thank You for making it easy for people on a budget like myself who love to create to be able to do so. Gloria - Chicago, Illinois
Gloria - Chicago, United States
Your designs are adorable - can't wait to try them.
Linda - Honolulu, USA
I love Bunnycup. I have only had my embroidery machine for one year now and this is the only software I use. It is user friendly and affordable. Thanks!
Patricia - Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Fisrt purchased several sets after i had gone looking for some Cup cake applique designs. Have made numerous items now with your designs on them and they always draw comment - positve! They always stitch out well, so have no quarms about stitching them out without first doing a sample. Keep up the good work and thank you for the freebies that I have also downloaded.
Joan - Avondale Heights, Victoria, Australia
I love your designs. I have been burnt by so many sites that I have gotten really bad designs from. I have gotten to the point that if the designs are from you I don't even do a test stitch out anymore. I know all of your designs will be great. Such a time saver and thread saver.
Dixie - Paducah Ky, USA
Thanks so much for your retired freebies. This helps me a lot as I am on a limited budget. But best of all, I now know where to go for good patterns. Thanks again.
Romain - Oklahoma City, USA
I am a new enbroiderer and simply love all the freebies I can get, especially your Garden Fairies.
Irene - Cape Town, South Africa
Thank you for great designs, very cute, I love them!
Anna - Southborough, MA , USA